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Unbonded PC Strand with Anti-Corrosion Grease and HDPE

Three pieces of unbonded PC strand and a general view of 1 × 7 PC strand.
Unbonded PC strand is coated with special anti-corrosion grease, and then covered by polyethylene plastic layer.

Unbonded PC strand, also called unbonded PC steel strand, has good corrosion resistance. On the strand or wire bundle’s surface, it is coated with special anti-corrosion grease, then covered by polyethylene plastic which commonly are the low-voltage high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Because of the anti-corrosion grease and polyethylene plastic, the steel strand in using can isolate from the concrete, thus making the steel strand itself freely move in the layer, in order to make the construction convenient. What’s more, unbonded PC strand tendons friction is small, and easily bent into many curved shape. Therefore, it is suitable for cast-in-place concrete floor, large load of precast beams and other special structures.


  • Diameter: 7.94 mm - 17.80 mm.
  • Appearance: polyethylene cover with grease coating.
  • Construction: 1 × 7.
  • Relaxation (1000h): not more than 2.5%.
  • Tensile strength: 1670 MPa, 1700 MPa, 1770 MPa, 1820 MPa, 1860 MPa, etc.
  • Standards: ASTM A416, BS 5896, JIS G 3536, ISO 6934, EN 10138, AS 1311, GB/T 5224 or according to customers' requirements.
Unbonded PC strand with anti-grease and HDPE.
Unbonded PC strand is coated with special anti-corrosion grease, and then covered by HDPE. The anti-corrosion grease can firmly absorb the strand's surface and prevent erosion of water and oxygen.
Two pieces of unbonded PC strand: one is covered by green HDPE, the other is covered by black HDPE.
Unbonded PC strand with anti-corrosion grease and HDPE, is widely used in prestressed concrete structures, building structures, bridge and road structures, protective structures, water project structures, etc.


  • Low relaxation and high tensile strength.
  • Not need room for future expansion.
  • Good corrosion resistance.
  • Convenient use.
  • Material saved.
  • Bended easily.
  • HDPE coated.


  • Prestressed concrete structures: concrete silo, retaining wall and dam.
  • Building structures: factories, high - rising buildings, building foundation columns, hollow floor, building slab.
  • Bridge and road structures: rail and road bridges, the city's overpass, PC bridges.
  • Protective structures: shell safety of nuclear power stations.
  • Water project structures: water towers, sewage treatment, water conservancy, hydro-power project, water pipes.
  • Other uses: television tower, poles, crane beam, earth anchor, rock anchor, etc.
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