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Reinforcing Steel Bar Bears Tensile Stress of Concrete

Deformed reinforcing steel bar is one kind of reinforcing steel bars. Commonly, its surface has ribs which has three kinds of shape: spiral shape, herringbone shape and crescent shape. Deformed reinforcing steel bar with high strength can be directly used in the reinforced concrete structure and also can be used as prestressed reinforcing bar after cold drawing. Because of its great flexibility, it is widely used in many fields as construction material.

Left part is bars' different sizes from 10mm - 50mm; right part is different surface shapes of bars, that is herringbone shape, spiral shape, and crescent shape.
We can supply deformed steel bars with different sizes and different surface treatments according to your special requirements.
Two pieces of deformed steel bars cross together.
Deformed steel bar with deformed ribs can combine with concrete strongly.
Lots of bent deformed steel bars cross together in coil.
Deformed steel bars can be supplied in different forms.
Lots of deformed steel bars cross together in bundles with different colors in top, that is red, yellow and green.
Deformed steel bar cross section with epoxy coating is anti-corrosion and anti-rust.


  • Metal material: HRB335, HRB400, HRB400E, HRB500, G460B, G500B, GR60.
  • Diameter: 6 mm - 50 mm.
  • Section shape: round.
  • Chemical composition: carbon, phosphorus and sulfur.
  • Technique: hot rolled.
  • Steel bar length: 9 m, 12 m.
  • Grade: GB 1499.2-2007, BS 4449-2005, ASTM A615.
Deformed Reinforcing Steel Bar Size and Weight
Items Diameter (mm) Theoretical weight (kg/m)
DRSB-6 6 0.222
DRSB-8 8 0.395
DRSB-10 10 0.62
DRSB-12 12 0.89
DRSB-14 14 1.21
DRSB-16 16 1.58
DRSB-18 18 2
DRSB-20 20 2.47
DRSB-22 22 2.98
DRSB-25 25 3.85
DRSB-28 28 4.83
DRSB-32 32 6.31
DRSB-40 40 9.87


  • High fatigue resistance.
  • Minimum crack width.
  • High bonding strength.
  • Desired flexibility.


  • Construction industry.
  • Housing and building structures.
  • Reinforced concrete slabs.
  • Prefabricated beams.
  • Columns.
  • Cages.
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