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Light guy strand with high strength

A large wooden spool of guy strand on the ground.
Guy strand with high strength is light and easily handled and installed, so it is widely used in overhead structures.

Guy strand, also called extra high strength guy strand. It is twisted by several wires. It is available in different length and diameters, which can reinforce and add stability to overhead structures from signal towers to ship masts. Because guy strand is typically exposed to the corrosion things, it is zinc-coated to prevent from corrosion. What's more, the weight of guy strand is less than any of the other high-strength guying materials. So it is widely used in power line structures.


  • Diameter of strand: 2.06 mm - 22.23 mm.
  • Breaking strength: 3,990 lbs - 79,799 lbs.
  • Weight (per 1000 feet): 72.9 lbs - 1,581 lbs.
  • The maximum feet of per spool: 10,000 feet - 2,500 feet.
  • Coating: Class A galvanized.
  • Standard: ASTM A475.


  • Good corrosion resistant.
  • High strength tensile and low relaxation.
  • Good toughness.
  • Light, easily handled and installed.


  • Signal towers: cell phone towers, radio broadcasting towers.
  • Masts: radio broadcasting masts, ship masts.
  • Poles: power distribution poles, telephone poles.
  • Lines: messenger strand for telephone and CATV lines, power transmission lines.
  • Other uses: tents, barrier cable, guard rail strand, wind turbines, railway signals.
A piece of guy strand used for adding stability of poles.
Guy strand is used to add stability of power transmission systems.
Lots of guy strands used for adding stability of ship masts.
With good corrosion resistance and light weight, guy strand is especially suitable for add stability of ship masts.
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