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Epoxy Coated Bars Increase Durability of Engineering Structure

Epoxy-Coated steel reinforcing bar, also called corrosion resistant bar or epoxy coated rebar. It is one kind of reinforcing steel bars. Because epoxy coating is a barrier system intended to prevent moisture and chlorides from eroding surface of the reinforcing bar, it increases rebars corrosion performance and expands its using field, such as concrete structures, offshore structures, buildings, wharves, etc.

A piece of steel bar with green epoxy coating layer.
Epoxy coated bar's coating layer is firm and stable. And the coating layer features good corrosion resistance, good tenacity, high insulation, etc.
Tops of steel bars with epoxy coating layer
Epoxy coated bar with coating layer is corrosion resistance and water-proof. Thus it is widely used in offshore structures.
Four green bend steel bars are coated with epoxy layer.
Epoxy coated steel bar with high corrosion resistance is widely used in concrete structures: underground buildings, bridges, chemical industries, offshore structures, parking structures, marine structures, etc.
Nine green steel bars are coated with epoxy layer.
Adopting electrostatic spraying method makes the epoxy coating layer with excellent features: firm coating layer, good chemical resistance; high strength, good impact resistance, etc.

Features: Epoxy-Coated reinforcing bars have been proved effective as corrosion protection in practical applications for over 35 years. This impressive experience is the same as stainless steel as effective corrosion protection method. Epoxy-coated reinforcing bars provide excellent corrosion resistance to extend the service life of concrete structures.


  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Sustainable.
  • Extended service life.
  • Lower maintenance cost.

Generally, the epoxy coating layer on reinforcing bar has become the necessary measures to prevent corrosion.

  • Concrete structures: underground buildings, bridges, chemical industries.
  • Offshore structures.
  • Parking structures.
  • Marine structures: wharf, concrete decks.
  • Other uses: pavements, repair, garage, tunnel, sewage treatment, etc.
A layer of epoxy coated reinforcing steel mesh is placed on the concrete.
Epoxy reinforcing steel bar with good corrosion resistance is widely used in foundation structures of buildings, houses, factories. Because it can increase the shockproof ability of the buildings.
An arch epoxy coated bar structure used for bridge.
Epoxy reinforcing steel bar with good corrosion resistance is widely used in bridges. Because it can increase the shockproof and waterproof ability of the bridges.

Epoxy-Coated steel reinforcing bar should be handled to ensure that it is not damaged prior to or during concrete placement. The following information provides guidance:

  • Packing: epoxy coated bar should be wrapped with plastic film which is anti UV irradiation.
  • Storage: in the process of handling or stacking, back-up plate should be placed in the region of contact area. When placed in bundles, coating reinforced bars should be separated with the ground and bundles also should be separated. Last, bars in bundles should not stack more than five layers.
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