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PC Strand Series

PC Strand
PC strand, with good relaxation property and yield strength, is used in concrete structures, road and bridge structures, building structures, etc.
Guy Strand
Guy strand is mainly used to reinforce and add stability of different structures, especially the overhead lines, masts and signal towers.
Epoxy Coated Strand
Epoxy coated PC strand is made of high carbon steel and widely used in fields where need high corrosion resistance material.
Unbonded PC Strand
Unbonded PC strand with good corrosion resistance and easily to bend is widely used in cast-in-place concrete floor, large load of precast beams.
Galvanized Steel Strands
Galvanized steel strand is widely used in the power transmission industry, construction industry, road and bridge industry.
Plain PC Strand
Plain PC strand twisted by plain steel wires with high tensile strength and low relaxation is widely used in concrete structures.
Indented PC Strand
Indented PC strand is composed of several indented PC wires. It is made of high carbon steel and widely used in prestressed concrete constructions.