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Plain PC Wire as Favorable Material for Construction

Plain PC Wire, also called plain surface PC steel wire or smooth PC wire, is a traditional type of PC wire. The surface of plain PC wire is smooth, without ribs, not indented. Plain PC wire has the advantages of low relaxation and high tensile strength. Therefore it is considered as the desirable steel material used in large-load, long-span PC structures, such as PC bridge, PC sleeper, PC pipe and large-span sloping rope bridge. What's more, it does not have an explicit yield point, so users can cut it to the appropriate length as needed.

Three pieces of black plain PC wires, are available in 5mm, 7mm and 9mm.
The plain PC wire can be supplied in different diameters: 5mm, 7mm and 9mm. It features good fixed performance, high tensile strength and low relaxation.
Two layers of plain PC wire in coils are tied up with iron baling strips.
Plain PC wire with good fixed performance commonly applied in road and bridge structures, such as highway, bridges, and railway sleepers.


  • Material: high carbon steel (SWRH 82B/77B).
  • Diameter: 3 mm - 12 mm.
  • Surface: smooth.
  • Tensile strength: 1470 Mpa, 1570 Mpa, 1670 Mpa, 1770 Mpa, 1860 Mpa.
  • Standards: BS 5896, BS5 892, GB/T 5223-2002, ASTM A421, ASTM A468, ASTM A911, ASTM A881/A881M, ISO 6934, ISO 6932, JIS G 3536, UNE 36094, etc.
Plain PC wire's dimension parameters
Item Nominal diameter (mm) Tolerance (mm) Cross-sectional area (mm2) Mass per meter (g/m)
PC-300 3.00 ±0.04 7.07 55.5
PC-400 4.00 12.57 98.6
PC-500 5.00 ±0.05 19.63 154
PC-600 6.00 28.27 222
PC-625 6.25 30.68 241
PC-700 7.00 38.48 302
PC-800 8.00 ±0.06 50.26 394
PC-900 9.00 63.622 499
PC-1000 10.00 78.54 616
PC-1200 12.00 113.1 888


  • Good fixed performance.
  • High tensile strength and low relaxation.
  • Steel wire cross-section area without any loss.


  • PC structures: plain PC strand, PC water pipes.
  • Road and bridge structures: highways, bridges, airports, railway sleepers, tunnels.
  • Building construction: industrial and civil prefabricated concrete slabs, frame of roofs, wall boards.
  • Other uses: overhead crane beams, tubular piles, water conservancy projects, TV towers, etc.
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