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Epoxy Coated Strand with Resin Coating Layer

Epoxy coated strand is a new product developed from common PC strand. The surface of the common PC strand commonly dose not have any coating layer. While the epoxy coated strand's surface has a layer of epoxy resin which will combine with the steel during stressing without cracking or losing adhesion. In the coating process, it will not pollute the surrounding environment and the wire tensile strength is without losing. At the same time, the coating layer is able to resist physical wearing and chemical corrosion. Now, the technology of coating type and filling type has already been matured. Our new technology can promote the coat thickness and evenness. In addition, we have very strict standard for every working procedure. Therefore, the quality of our products is guaranteed and we can produce steel strands according to the customers' specific requirements.

Two pieces of epoxy coated strands with gray-blue cover cross together.
Resin coating layer with high bonding force, good chemical resistance, good electrical insulation, good stability makes the strand have better performance in practical using.
Four pieces of epoxy coated strand with green cover.
Epoxy coated strand with a coating layer is convenient for construction and maintenance.
One corner of 1×7 epoxy coated strand with black cover.
Epoxy coated strand is widely used in external cables, PC structures subject to salt damage, heavy duty corrosion resistant anchors, materials subject to long-term exposure, tension materials on stay cable bridge, etc.
Three pieces of epoxy coated strand with black cover.
Epoxy coated strand with high corrosion resistance has a wide application. Its strand diameter changes from 6.35 mm to 15.25 mm and coated layer thickness changes from 0.38 mm to 1.15 mm. All can be produced according to your specific requirements.

Flow of Work: Steel Strand → Unreeling → Ultrasonic Cleaning → Water Washing → Mid-frequency Heating → Steel Strand Separation → Electrostatic Spraying → Secondary Spraying → Stabilization Treatment → Curing and Water Cooling → On-line Checking → Reeling → Final Inspection → Packaging → Warehousing.


  • Strand diameter: 6.35 mm - 15.25 mm.
  • Coated layer thickness: 0.38 mm - 1.15 mm.
  • Tensile strength: not less than 1860 MPa.
  • Yield strength: not less than1647 MPa.
  • Low relaxation: not more than 6.5%.
  • Elongation: not less than 4.0%.
  • Standard: ASTM A882, ISO 14655, GB/T 21073, etc.


  • Perfect anti-corrosion performance.
  • High fatigue resistance capability.
  • Reliable and safe anchoring performance for bridges.
  • Convenient for construction.
  • Convenient for maintenance.
  • Low maintenance expenses.

These tough, reliable coating layers offer high corrosion resistance and reduce maintenance expenses by eliminating the need for protecting and maintaining structures easily to be corroded. And epoxy coated strand is mainly used in the following fields:

  • External cables.
  • PC marine structures.
  • PC structures subject to salt damage.
  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant anchors.
  • Materials subject to long-term exposure.
  • Tension materials on stay cable bridge.
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