PC Wire and PC Strand Expand Constructions' Life Span

In order to improve service performance of constructions, we can put prestressing force ahead. Structures or constructions receive prestressing force ahead can completely or partially bear the load caused by the tensile stress, therefore it can avoid structural damage or delay the structural damage time. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of PC wire, PC strand and reinforcing steel bars. Our prestressing concrete wire strand with high bonding force, low relaxation and high corrosion resistance is your best choice. We have various kinds of PC wire and PC strand, and can supply products according to different diameters, different length, different surface treatment and different standards. All can be produced according to customers' special requirements.

Main products: PC wire series, PC strand series and steel bar series are all available.
Three black plain PC wires with different diameters: 5 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm. It features good fixed performance, high tensile strength and low relaxation.

With high tensile strength and high crack resistance, PC wire is widely used in prestressed concrete structures, bridge structures industrial and factory buildings, road structures, poles, dams, etc.

A piece of black plain PC strand with structure of 1 × 7.

With high bonding force, high crack resistance, high fatigue resistance, high corrosion resistance, PC strand is widely used in concrete structures, road and bridge structures, building structures, etc.

Lots of deformed reinforcing steel bar in bundles are tied up with steel baling strips.

With high bonding force and high fatigue resistance, reinforcing steel bar is widely used in concrete structures.

Main features

  • High tensile strength and low relaxation.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • High bonding force.
  • Better performance at elevated temperature.
  • Toughness maintains a long time.

Main applications

  • Prestressed concrete structures.
  • Building and industry constructions.
  • Bridge and road structures.
  • Marine and offshore structures.

Reference standards: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, EN, GB, JIS, ISO, EN.

Why Choose Us?
  • 20 years production experience.
  • Export to more than 20 countries.
  • Daily output 100 tons.
  • Quality control: strictly choosing raw material, advanced production line and facility, precise inspection equipment.
  • Reasonable prices with high quality products.
  • Design and customize products according to customers' special requirements.
  • We will supply support services before sale, on sale and after sale.
The picture is composed of two parts: left part is three plain PC wires, right part is application and packing of PC wire.

If you are interested in our products please provide: standard, diameter, tensile strength, coil weight, packing dimension and quantity. In addition, if you want to know more information about our products and services, please note our website or mail at sales@goldoxwiremesh.com.

Hot Products
PC Strand
PC strand, with good relaxation property and yield strength, is used in concrete structures, road and bridge structures, building structures, etc.
Epoxy Coated Strand
Epoxy coated PC strand is made of high carbon steel and widely used in fields where need high corrosion resistance material.
Unbonded PC Strand
Unbonded PC strand with good corrosion resistance and easily to bend is widely used in cast-in-place concrete floor, large load of precast beams.
Galvanized Steel Strands
Galvanized steel strand is widely used in the power transmission industry, construction industry, road and bridge industry.
The most popular products and specifications